Celebrating 8 Years of Black Philanthropy

BGB Team

Eight years ago, my friend Tracey Webb (left) created something amazing and truly unique in BlackGivesBack.com.  Today she shared her farewell message for the blog.

I salute Tracey for her dedication! She showcased a reality in philanthropy that many  never knew existed. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to her great work and excited to support her next venture.

Please visit the reader survey and let her know how YOU would like to see Black Gives Back reemerge in the future.

Community Foundations & Giving Circles in the News


It has been a great news week for giving circles.  I’m particularly grateful for the Nonprofit Quarterly article, Asian Giving Circles Bring Heart, Focus & Community to Individual Philanthropy.  In it, Editor-in-Chief Ruth McCambridge writes: Some observe that giving circles hold … Continue reading

Give Get Grow Challenge: Bringing Community Foundations & Giving Circles Closer

I am a big fan of Asians and Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP). Their work always inspires me, but the recent announcement of their Give Get Grow Challenge is particularly exciting. While their giving circles in some regions have strategically partnered with community foundations to start donor advised funds as a way to connect the AANHPI community with institutional philanthropy, the Give Get Grow Challenge aims to take the giving circle movement to the next level.


Senior Director of Community Philanthropy, Noelle Ito writes:

“Our Challenge is this – if a community foundation will provide $10,000 of support for one of AAPIP’s Giving Circles to help the local AANHPI community, AAPIP will match it dollar-for-dollar. Suddenly, $10,000 becomes an additional $20,000 to be invested in the local community on top of what the Giving Circles are already raising. Beyond the money, connecting with a local AANHPI Giving Circle creates a lifeline to the community and helps institutions make better informed decisions based on the community that they serve.”

Stay tuned for more stories about this venture that is bringing community foundations and giving circles closer.

Black Philanthropy Month: A Season of Change

BPM 2015 BANNER 625X125

Black Philanthropy Month 2015 is a multimedia campaign to inform, inspire and invest in Black philanthropic leadership. Entering its fifth year of observance, it is part of an unprecedented coordinated initiative to strengthen African-American and African-descent giving in all its forms. High-impact events, media stories, service projects and giving opportunities compose the annual campaign, which kicked off August 1st.

Founded by the Pan African Women’s Philanthropy Network and proclaimed by the United Nations and Congress in August 2011, Black Philanthropy Month was created as an annual, global celebration of African-descent giving in the United States and worldwide.

Please join the celebration by sharing how you plan to give back during the month by using the hashtag #BPM2015 and visit http://www.blackphilanthropymonth.com for more ways to get involved!

On The Table with Chicago Community Trust


I am grateful for last week’s On the Table discussion for providing me a warm and inspirational introduction to Chicago philanthropy. Listening to my host, Mary Richardson Lowry and fellow participants share what philanthropy means and has the power to do, … Continue reading

C.S. Mott Foundation and the Fellowship Experience


From the BlackGivesBack Facebook page:

“We’re proud of BGB contributor Akira Barclay, a 2012 Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society International Fellow! Her research topic focused on the evolution of Black giving circles and community foundations.

She shared, “I will continue to use my position as a thought leader in the field to promote the importance of community foundations, place-based giving and the inclusion of people of color in philanthropy.”

Learn more about Akira’s fellowship experience via the C.S. Mott Foundation: http://cf100.mott.org/case-studies/new-york


COF Fall 2014 Conference for Community Foundations #CF100

Global Perspectives for Local Action – Next week I will join Anderson Giovani da Silva, CEO, ICom – Instituto Comunitario Grande Florianopolis for a panel discussion about community philanthropy experiences and strategies from global practice.  I look forward to sharing how giving circles are strengthening the work of community philanthropy.

The Resurgence of African American Male Philanthropists: Reggie Gordon at TEDxRVA

“When we present a check to an agency that is serving young Black boys, we want them to see us and we want them to feel when I grow up I want to be a philanthropist too”

– Reggie Gordon, The Ujima Legacy Fund