Black-led, Black serving: The Latest Giving Circle Trend of 2019

Inside Philanthropy has shared its 2019 Philanthropy Awards where they take stock of what’s happened over the year. Notable among the categories is Latest Giving Circle Trend.

Latest Giving Circle Trend: Black-led, Black serving 

As giving circles continue to gain steam, some of the most intriguing new outfits aim to galvanize local philanthropy by and for African American communities, including in Kansas City and Philadelphia.  

Inside Philanthropy, December 31, 2019

Throughout 2019, I along with my colleagues Valaida Fullwood and Tracey Webb worked to ensure the American giving circle narrative includes the vital importance and influence of Black-led, Black-serving circles:

The Sweetness of Circles, March 2019
The Blacker the Circle, April 2019
Everyday Givers, August 2019

As the giving circle movement continues to grow, we will continue to share insights from our work with giving circles over the past decade.

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