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What happens when donors come together, pool their resources, and collectively decide on how they want to distribute funds?

They harness The POWER of WE, the power of collective giving.

Join Chicago Foundation for Women (CFW), as we explore the power of collective giving. The discussion will center on how this grassroots philanthropic movement empowers like-minded donors to amplify their impact.

Joined by CFW’s Giving Council and Circle Members, we will hear of their personal experiences, how contributing their individual strengths empowers them at a personal level, and strengthens their collective impact.

Because collective giving involves a democratic process in deciding what the needs are and where to direct grants, members can target issues that are important to both them personally and the community.

There is power in community, power in the “WE.”

Each of CFW’s Giving Council and Circles will host a breakout session featuring one of their grantee organizations impacted by their support.

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